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A screenshot of a participant giving video feedback using Emble

Using Emble as a startup

Use Emble to help you understand what you need to build, and how you need to build it.

An image showing how UX designers can test prototypes on Emble
A research document icon to indicate you can save documents on Emble research

Store research documents

Save relevant documents such as Notion pages or Figma files.

A team member icon to indicate you can work with team members on Emble research

Work with team members

Assign research leads, write comments, and invite team mates.

An upload icon to indicate you can upload other videos onto Emble

Upload other research videos

Add research videos from other platforms onto Emble.

A chat bubble indicating you can pay participants for completing research on Emble

Pay participants

Providing an incentive to your user? Pay them through Emble.

A save icon to indicate you can save participants on Emble

Save participants

Keep track of great participants, and contact them for future research.

A notification icon to indicate you can send reminders to your users on Emble

Send reminders

Not heard back from a participant? Send them reminders to take part.

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