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A screenshot of a participant giving video feedback using Emble

Using Emble as a startup

Use Emble to help you understand what you need to build, and how you need to build it.

An image showing how startups can test prototypes on Emble
A research document icon to indicate you can save documents on Emble research

Store research documents

Save relevant documents such as Notion pages or Figma files.

A team member icon to indicate you can work with team members on Emble research

Work with team members

Assign research leads, write comments, and invite team mates.

A preview icon to indicate that research can be previewed

Preview research

Fully test your forms in interactive flows before sharing.

A target to indicate that research automatically closes once the target is hit

Auto close

Surveys close when their status is set to completed or response target is hit.

A save icon to indicate you can save participants on Emble

Save participants

Keep track of great participants, and contact them for future research.

A notification icon to indicate you can send reminders to your users on Emble

Send reminders

Not heard back from a participant? Send them reminders to take part.

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